LDR Kennel...dogs on wire
"Dedicated to Awareness of Dogs Brought up on Wire"

This site is dedicated to raising awarness of the abuse that goes on at LDR Kennels.

This is Westie who was bought at a Puppy auction for $50.00! LDR sold this dog and sells dogs at these auctions. LDR dogs live their lives on wire floored cages. Pictures are foot sores. LDR no longer submits their facility to inspection. At approximately 200 pups, of different breeds, what would you call LDR? To this day, this animal runs from humans. This is called "Kennel Syndrome" One can only guess, as to why. A good rule in life is do your "due diligence" and don't believe everything you read.



The pictures show sores on the dogs feet and the Record of Disposition shows the dog came from LDR Kennel.